Terrain Biennale

Oct 3, 2017

THE MISSION is pleased to announce that Jeroen Nelemans will be participating in Terrain Biennale, his piece is curated by fellow gallery artist, Jean Alexander Frater.

October 1 – November 15, 2017
Kick-Off Block Party:Sunday, Oct. 1st, 2:00 – 7:00pm
704 Highland Ave
Oak Park, IL 60304

Founded in October of 2011 by artist Sabina Ott and author John Paulett, Terrain is a public exhibition space in Oak Park, IL. Terrain is dedicated to featuring interventions into the conventional landscape of a front yard by emerging as well as established artists who have been invited to create a site-specific work that challenges the space between public and private, decoration and function, figure and ground. Terrain differs from many other alternative art platforms in that the artworks are accessible 24 hours a day, year round. Situated in Oak Park, Illinois, Terrain is directly across from Longfellow Elementary School and across from Longfellow Park near Ridgeland and Jackson Avenues. Visitors, neighbors, school children, teachers and their parents are exposed to challenging contemporary art, offering the experience of discovery and surprise to the community. Terrain exhibits work that expands, both, the audience of an artwork and the function of a suburban front yard.

This year, 115 sites and well over as many artists are participating. Projects include sites across Chicagoland, Springfield, Iowa City, Los Angeles, Tucson, and Marnay-sur-Seine, France. A guide to all locations and the dates of the openings for each neighborhood will be posted to the website.

Artist Jeroen Nelemans, born in the Netherlands and currently living in Chicago, creates a light pieces inspired by urban signage. Sparked by the Dutch artistic movement “De Stijl”, the artist here is turning the primary colors into signage that has no meaning. An urban signage that does not promote, brand or tells the viewer what to do. A temporary Urban Anti Monument.

2017 Participating Artists
Alex Paik, Roni Packer, Stacey Lee Gee, Matthew Girson, Sarah Belknap, Joseph Belknap, Melissa Potter, Maggie Puckett, Katrin Schnabl, Raffa Reuther, Kendall Schrauder, Mathew Nicholas, Alisa Reith, Erin Hayden, Kate Conlon, Andy Young, Joan Chihan, Karen Connell, Holly Holmes, Whit Forrester, Melissa Potter, Alex Peyton-Levine, Bobbi Meier, Max Guy, Morganne Wakefield, Rhonda Wheatley, Diana Gabriel, Stevie Hanley, Chris Zain, Stephen Flemister, Nelly Agassi, Project Fielding (Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg), Kirsten Leenaars, Gina Hunt, Mevlana Liep, John Opera, Oli Watt, Claire Ashley, Tom Burtonwood, Danny Giles, Allison Lacher, Jeff Robinson, Gina Hunt, Pete Wilson, Katie Vota, Kristine Aono, Joanne Aono, Misha Khokhlov, J. Michael Ford, Burt Isenstein, Victoria Fuller, Maggie Leininger, Fan Ge, Will Krauland, Martha Morimoto, Luis Rodriguez, Matt Ryan, Lia Gipson, Nicole Harrison, Rae Chardonnay, Sadie Woods, Whitney Huber, Lisa Kaftori, Joan Giroux, Joey Asal, Brother El, Lynn Basa, Heidi Wiren Bartlett, Zoe Nelson, Jeroen Nelemans, Meg Santisi, Edra Soto, Henri Preiss, Fo Wilson, JB Daniel, Josue Pellot, Friedhard Kiekeben, Alberto Aguilar, Norman Teague, Shir Ende, Debra Kayes, Yhelena Hall, Michael Hall, Stephanie Brooks, Laurie O’Brien, Ben Blount, Anne Stevens, Shawn Decker, Karen Mariani, Patrick Lichty, Mat Rappaport, Kevin Valentine, Paul Catanese, Vivian Visser, Gina Hunt, Connor Shields, Bryony Hussey, Jeffrey Michael Austin, Heather Brammier, Amanda Bowles, Jesse Vogler, Hideous Beast (Josh Ippel and Charles Roderick), Alika Cooper, Natalia Villanueva Linares, Noël Morical, Emily Bivens, Ahmed Oszver, Betsy Dollar, James Hatton, Dawn Gettler, Gail Simpson, Aristotle Georgiades, Sage Dawson, Dulcee Boehm and Cory Imig, Cassandra Davis, Kendra Paitz, James Pepper Kelly, Peter Kepha, Justus Roe, Joseph Kayne, 1840 Collective, Jordan Martins, Mike Rea, Judith Mullen, Shivani Patel, Casey Whitter, Mia Capodilupo, Jeff Lassahn, Jenny Kendler, Michael Fadel and Anna Miller, Tawny Featherstone, Emily Sudd, Christine Guiyangco, Kim Truong, Casey Kaufman, Willis Stork, JJU Collective (Michelle Garduno, Woody O’Toole, Molly Tierney), Rachel Dawson Hamaoui, Ann Murphy, Jordan Krutsch, Kinga Klusak, Andy McKenzie, Mathilde Domec-Rousseau, Damien Rambure, Erika Råberg, Kelly Lloyd