Jeroen Nelemans: "From Now" at Filter Space

May 8, 2015

May 8 – June 27 at Filter Space

From Now features work from April Friges, John Steck Jr., Eli Craven, and Jeroen Nelemans.

The four artists reuse existing photographic material to create artworks about how the meaning of pictures drift and change over time. Employing unique processes ranging from minor interventions to outright transformation, each artist meditates on how photographs seen “from now” often haunt and fascinate us by connecting with traces of the past.

An attention to the physicality of surface in photography is similarly a concern in Jereon Nelemans’ Scapes in RGB. To create his works, Nelemans photographed an iPad displaying images by photographer Heroshi Sugimoto with water droplets on the surface of the tablet. Sugimoto’s large-scale photographs are serene meditations on water, the fundamental element that spawned life as we know it. In Nelemans’ version, the origins of life and the optics of modern day technology are collapsed, as he reflects on the timeless beauty of a body of water rendered on a hand held digital device. Nelemans ponders the degree to which spirituality, beauty, and the idea of expansive time can be packaged and transported via a two-dimensional image. And like all of the artists in From Now, he locates a great paradox of photography — it at once makes portable some aspect of the moving world, yet attests to the impossibility of ultimately stabilizing and capturing it.