Máximo González: Playful

Mar 24, 2012

Máximo González recycles materials such as devalued currency, vintage aluminum household items, and plastic kitchen items to create new modes of expression about what we value – and devalue. González’s light, whimsical touch increases the accessibility of his messages without overshadowing their significance. In his hands, everyday objects become exquisite, such as his application of traditional Oaxacan loom weaving techniques to the aforementioned out-of-circulation currency, or creating a striking sculpture out of red plastic housewares. Accompanying the show is Changarrito, a cart based on those commonly used by vendors in Mexico that González exhibited at the Venice Biennale and brings around the world with him to showcase affordably priced work by local artists.”

Karin E. Baker, Flavorpill

Craft and Folk Art Museum says…

Máximo González: Playful is the first major solo exhibition in Los Angeles of Mexico City-based Argentinean artist Máximo González. Though González is best known for creating art objects out of devalued currency from Mexico, this exhibition is a journey through a decade of González’s playful investigations into contemporary politics, popular culture, and the reutilization of material. Witty, poetic and slightly subversive, González puts a fresh face on craft.The exhibition is curated by Alma Ruiz, senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles.