"Breath" Daros Collection Exhibition at the Bochum Art Museum

Dec 4, 2013

“Breath” presented at the Bochum Art Museum is an example of contemporary Colombian art, which in Europe is still a subject of which little is known. To the curators of the exhibition, “this time Colombia brings another look, it is a country with a high educational and cultural level with influences from the Caribbean, Africa and neighboring countries that are reflected in everyday life and art.” The exhibition offers a glimpse of this diversity that surrounds Colombia, played between social and political issues that fuel creation and take a very important role in aesthetics. However these works are not reduced to “political art,” they share a universal and metaphorical language about sensuality. This sample uses traditional media to stand out among sculptures, paintings, videos and installations, exploring and revealing new media. These works are part of the thousands of works from the Daros Latin American collection based in Zurich and is home to the largest collection of contemporary Latin American art.

Curators of the exhibition: Dr. Michael Herzog and Kathrin Stiffen

arte contemporaneo en colombia
casa Daros latinoamerica | Alemania - Kunstmuseum Bochum
Kostumstraße 147, 44787 Bochum | Vernissage 23.11. 2013, 17.00 h
23.11.2013 - 02.02.2014