“Guilty!", A Gallery Opening

Sep 10, 2012

Dr. Graphx is located in the West Loop where we share a neighborhood with many, many art galleries. One of which is THE MISSION (1431 W. Chicago Avenue), who has a galley opening this Friday, Sept 7th, 2012, titled “Guilty!” from Marcelo Grosman.

Most of Grosman’s pieces for the series are Lambda C-Prints, acrylic and wood. But one giant piece that takes up an entire wall, is a custom printed wall mural from Dr. Graphx that we installed this past week. You’ll have to see it for yourself since the artwork has not been released, so make time to stop by the show.

Grosman’s political creations are mesmerizing and bold. The portraits are creations from elements of different mugshots. All but two of the pieces are comprised of mugshots from right here in Cook county (the other two are from Buenos Aires correctional system). Here are a few shots I got a sneak peek at, but you really need to see them in person when they are properly lit and you get the full effect of the environmental reflections.

The opening reception is from 6-9pm, and the exhibit runs Sep 7 – Oct 27, 2012.

THE MISSION is a participating gallery in the EXPOSURE program this September during Expo Chicago 2012.

THE MISSION promotes art of the Americas by organizing exhibitions of contemporary and historically significant artworks. THE MISSION initiates dialogue among local, national, and international contemporary artists. We are dedicated to supporting artistic innovation and experimentation in light of art historical contexts.