Jan 9 – Feb 28, 2015


Featuring work by Johanna Bock Erica Bohm Natalia Cacchiarelli Gustavo Díaz Susan Giles Adam Gondek Larassa Kabel Jeroen Nelemans Michelle Prazak Missy Weimer

Press Release

Rebecca Eaton, THE MISSION
(312) 243-1200

CHICAGO, IL, 12/30/14 – THE MISSION is pleased to present Outliers, a group exhibition of work by Johanna Bock, Erica Bohm, Natalia Cacchiarelli, Gustavo Díaz, Susan Giles, Adam Gondek, Larassa Kabel, Jeroen Nelemans, Michelle Prazak, and Missy Weimer. Outliers showcases works that are unique, unusual, or experimental within the scope of each artist’s practice. An opening reception will be held on Friday, January 9 from 6 to 8pm. The show continues through Saturday, February 28, 2015.

The exhibition will include Heat, a light box by Los Angeles-based artist Missy Weimer. Digitally composed from two medium format film negatives, the image is a self-portrait interlaced with a matching portrait of a former lover. Heat is Weimer’s first light box, and is an investigation of the visual effects of heat -– distortion, warping, and vibration caused by refraction. A departure from Weimer’s mutilated, hand- or laser-cut portraits, Heat is a further exploration in her journey away from purely vernacular photography, incorporating text and spliced imagery with a light emitting form.

Outliers will feature a second self-portrait, Exorcism and the Persistence of Pain, a mixed media work completed over a 24-year period by Des Moines-based artist Larassa Kabel. Exorcism and the Persistence of Pain began as a sheet of paper that the artist purchased in college for an amount that she considered to be a premium price at the time. The pristine paper sheet accompanied Kabel on several relocations after college, as she considered it to be very precious, and the artist was unable to commit to using it until she discovered that it had been damaged during the moves. Incorporating a wide variety of media –- colored pencil, coffee, spit, semen, dirt, charcoal, tea, and the artist’s blood and tears –- the work explores psychological damage and depicts grotesque and disturbing true accounts that were told to the artist by others. These stories are veiled –- coded in cartoon form -– so that they are present, but not revealed.

Also included are graphite drawings by Michelle Prazak (Peru), a photograph by Johanna Bock (Argentina), a cyanotype by Erica Bohm (Argentina), digital photo impressions by Natalia Cacchiarelli (Argentina), a mixed media work by Adam Gondek (Chicago, IL), a text-based work by Jeroen Nelemans (Chicago, IL) and sculptures by Gustavo Díaz (Argentina) and Susan Giles (Chicago, IL).