Sep 9 – Oct 28, 2011


Jefferson Godard

Featuring work by Candice Breitz Manon de Boer EJ Hill Diego Leclery Casilda Sanchez

The Mission Projects hosts Overkill, a group video show
curated by Jefferson Godard. Work from the following artists will be represented:

Manon de Boer
Candice Breitz
EJ Hill
Diego Leclery
Casilda Sanchez

Overkill is an attempt to examine this moment in which our bodies are barraged
in the active urban environment by the over saturation of sounds and images.
Overloading on information is part of daily life and assaults our bodies. Our
culture is one that is fragmented and often repeats itself in short repetitive
behaviors. In the urban realm, this onslaught is framed within interstitial or in-
between spaces and peripheral zones that exist on the outside. Globalization,
simulation and suburbanization are all consequences for this decentralizing of
the urban realm. These spaces are often overflowing with information and force
us to confront one another. Personal space is a space that urban dwellers cannot
afford; we consistently travel towards each other. No longer do we navigate
towards a center. It is through the daily acts that give a specific character to the
public space of the city.

The show opens September 9th and runs through October 28th, 2011 and will be
accompanied by a catalogue. For further information, please contact The Mission
Projects at 312-243-1200.

1431 W Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642