HOUSTON, TX. 9/24/13 - THE MISSION | Houston is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, a group show which assembles a diverse selection of young and emerging artists. The exhibition opens Saturday, October 5 and is on view through October 26, 2013.

The exhibition will feature two large-scale sculptures by Chicago-based artist Susan Giles. Horizontal Skytree and Horizontal CN Tower are two of a series of four works, each ranging in scale from 20 to 25 feet in length, which represent the world’s tallest towers. Based on the Tokyo Skytree and the CN Tower in Toronto respectively, the works consist of wooden armatures covered in birch plywood with red oak veneer at the seams. Horizontal CN Tower will also be on view as a Special Project at Texas Contemporary.

Five light boxes from Chicago-based artist Jeroen Nelemans’ new series will also be featured. The artist employs Internet technology to explore the construct of images. Using iPad screenshots of Hiroshi Sugimoto seascapes — retrieved by entering parameters into common search engines — Nelemans re-renders the image by adding water droplets to the screen. The droplets function as wide-angle lenses, revealing glimpses of the iPad’s RGB (red/green/blue) liquid crystal display.

Also included are new paintings by EJ Hill (Los Angeles, CA), installations by Erica Bohm (Argentina) and Adam Gondek (Chicago, IL), and objects by Missy Weimer (San Francisco, CA).

The exhibition opens Saturday, October 5, with an opening reception from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. This exhibition is on view October 5 - October 26, 2013.