Mar 8 – Apr 20, 2013


Featuring work by Juneer Kibria

THE SUB-MISSION is pleased to announce the second exhibition of 2013, Hidden Noise, a site-specific installation by Juneer Kibria. Hidden Noise will reveal the textures or ‘noises’ that are often overlooked and are unique to THE SUB-MISSION. It is an installation that works with the unique aspects of the space- a low ceiling, exposed piping, brick wall, support beams, and an unfinished floor, to name a few. Hidden Noise responds to the specific identity of THE SUB-MISSION to form a narrative within the construct of the space.

Working with powdered pigment, Hidden Noise begins by highlighting the natural textures of the space to create the foundation of the composition. The highlighted textures begin to reveal an underlying history of the space, suggesting past damage and general wear and tear on the different elements. Paired with objects and sculptures that also place an emphasis on the importance of color and raw materials, Hidden Noise utilizes the noise of the space to create a visceral experience.

Juneer Kibria received a BFA in Printmaking from Wittenberg University in 2003, and received his MFA in Painting, Drawing and Sculpture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. He currently lives in Chicago and is the Co-Director of LAWN Gallery*