Located below the main gallery, THE SUB-MISSION is an alternative installation project space dedicated to the development of artists living and working in Chicago. THE SUB-MISSION was created to foster the investigation of new ideas and artistic processes and to facilitate an exchange between artists and the artistic community.

Review Process

Applicants are invited to transform the raw exhibition space into an environment that submerges the viewer into a constructed reality. Successful applicants will (1) present original site-specific installations, (2) apply innovative processes and methodologies and (3) investigate unexplored areas of their medium or practice. A selection committee will review the applicants and the recipients will receive an exhibition in 2018. THE MISSION will work with the recipients to develop programming events to support THE SUB-MISSION’s goal to create an exchange with the community. At their discretion, THE MISSION will pair the selected proposals with concurrent exhibitions in THE MISSION.

Applications for the 2018 exhibition year will be open through Friday, September 1, 2017. Applications may be emailed to and will be reviewed by the selection committee. Chosen applicants will be notified of their exhibition slot by December 1, 2017.

Application Guidelines

Applicants must be living and working in Chicago, IL. Applications that do not conform to the rules and guidelines will not be accepted.

Download Application Guidelines

Selection Committee 2018

Claudine Isé, Director of the Freeark Art Gallery + Sculpture Garden, Riverside Arts Center and Director of Goldfinch

José Lerma, Chicago-based artist

Jason Pickleman, graphic designer, artist, collector and Founder of Lawrence & Clark

Julie Rodrigues Widholm, Director and Chief Curator of DePaul Art Museum

The Selection Committee represents a wide range of Chicago-based curators, artists, writers, critics, and collectors who are invited by THE MISSION to lend their expertise in selecting the most thought-provoking, innovative proposals. Previous Committee members include Steven Bridges, Allison Glenn, Sabina Ott, Rodrigo Lara Zendajas, Eric May, Samantha Bittman, Matt Morris, Teresa E. Silva, Adam Brooks, Thea Liberty Nichols, Robyn Farrell, Scott Hunter, Lisa Dorin, Michelle Grabner, Tempestt Hazel, Megha Ralapati, John Sparagana, Lauren Weinberg, Robin Dluzen, Allison Grant, Jason Lazarus and Duncan MacKenzie.