Rhythms and Structures by Victoria Verlichak

May 2, 2014

Natalia Cacchiarelli

May 2 - June 14, 2014

Rhythms and Structures

Cadences and vibrations in the exhilarating work of Natalia Cacchiarelli (Argentina, 1971) spark the eye and unleash unexpected associations. Unconcerned with any attempt at representation, her works irradiate a minimal aesthetic and investigate the very nature of painting itself. Thorough explorations of chromatic variation and the search for perfection of line and shape suggest obsession and repetition, complemented with admirable perseverance.

There are two sets of works – with geometric elements – that concurrently appear both oscillating and steady, generating subtle variations and remarkable impressions. In Degradé, vertical canvas strips are systematically mounted in regular intervals – on a wall of white background – and engage in a dialogue with the paintings of restless stripes and hypnotic grids from the Vértigo series, creating a great sensorial impact. Arranged as a puzzle, the Triángulos installation stretches in ripples towards the opposite wall.

In her quest for synthesis, the artist chooses the reduction of formal elements and persists in painting on the plane. The sharp contours of the austere strips that reach the floor – with tones that recall the volcanic sand from some places in Patagonia – heighten the sensation of volume, while the false perspectives of her geometric compositions in black, blue and gold – and their nuances – result in vivacious optical effects.

Thus, the perfect lines of tonal colors suggest a progressive variation from deep blue, from neutral black and from derived ochre, such as gold, that converge toward the back of the plane to simulate depth and, at the same time, deliberately distort the vanishing point. The serial repetition of a single visual motif – the subtle or pronounced variations of size and color – establishes a retinal dialogue between the work and the viewer’s mind, which reconstructs it, conditioned by emotional and cultural factors. In that manner, Cacchiarelli recreates dynamic vibrations that emanate an inexplicable enthusiasm.

Cacchiarelli expands the color palette in ten individual paintings of various sizes, arranged on the wall in the manner of a puzzle. The sum of the works augments the experimentation and the formation of new paths and, in that sense, mirrors the skill achieved in the composition of the installation. The artist perfects the simulacrum of pulsation with uneven, full-monochrome sectors, whose hidden logic breaks the seriality and encourages contemplation. The triangular shapes in varied colors coexist and confront each other upon the canvas, producing a calm and melodic agitation.

Cacchiarelli’s abstractions embody a simplicity that is not so simple and establish a harmonic balance. The arrangement does not suppress, it evokes places of freedom. In the rhythms and structures, some will discover the colors of summer and the sunsets that precede storms, and others will perceive soft pyramids or summits. Depending on the eye of the beholder, perhaps these sequences of pictorial combinations evoke the search of the essential.

— Victoria Verlichak

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