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Jeroen Nelemans: Breath Water in... Breath Water Out

June 1, 2017

On the occasion of the World Day for the Environment (June 5), the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation invites Video Art Miden to present the video art exhibition "Breathe water in... breathe water out..." at the Open Air Water-Power Museum, in Dimitsana (Greece), opening June 5th

11 video art works from France, Spain, Germany, UK, Hungary, Brazil, USA, Japan, and the Netherlands meet in an aquatic, breezy program… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Gallery Weekend Chicago's EXPANDED

March 9, 2017

THE MISSION is excited to feature photographs and light boxes by Jeroen Nelemans at Gallery Weekend Chicago's (GWC), EXPANDED at Mana Contemporary Chicago. EXPANDED will open Thursday, March 9 and will be open to the public through Sunday, March 12, 2017.

In partnership with Mana Contemporary Chicago, GWC presents EXPANDED, an exhibition showcasing 25 of Chicago’s leading established contemporary art galleries and emerging artist-run spaces. Occupying a 20,000-square-foot space… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: THE COLLECTION

November 2, 2016

THE MISSION is pleased to announce THE COLLECTION, a group exhibition featuring Jeroen Nelemans alongside Carlos Rolon/Dzine, Aimee Beubien, and Kate McQuillen. The exhibition will be curated by Anna Cerniglia and run from November 2, 2016 - February, 2017 at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago and The Village of Rosemont.

Jeroen Nelemans: Relearning to See in ARTE AL LIMITE

by Daleysi Moya

We could say the first defining event in Jeroen Nelemans’ work is having been born in Holland. Without being aware of it and in the same impulsive way in which we learn our native languages and cultures, Jeroen incorporated a certain local feel to understanding creation (a certain heritage) which makes up the fundamental basis of his interaction with art. So, it’s not strange that… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Heaven Gallery

January 19, 2016

What is the Message
The Brilliant Influence of Deborah Boardman: a Collective Survey
Curated by Jessica Cochran
January 29 - March 13, 2016

Works by: Deborah Boardman, Howard Fonda, Jackie Kazarian, Sabina Ott, Diane Christiansen, Ryan Richey, Jin Lee, Jeroen Nelemens, Ellen Rothenberg, Dianna Frid, Laurie Palmer, Paola Cabal, Jackie Kazarian, Wendy Mason, Edra Soto, and Dan Sullivan

Year-by-year, Boardman (1958 - 2015) recorded her experiences in drawings… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Visual Art Source

October 16, 2015

Continuing through October 24, 2015

As a viewer approaches the LED lightboxes of Chicago artist Jeroen Nelemans, shimmering, neon colors shift from turquoise to fuchsia to violet. Nelemans, whose practice has long explored the ways that light and the digital experience affect our perception of images, is here dismantling and manipulating the technology that’s ever present in our daily lives: the LED backlighting of our computer, television, smartphone and… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Riverside Arts Center

October 10, 2015

RAC is pleased to present a two-person exhibition featuring Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and Jeroen Nelemans. Miami-based artist Carlisle will present a single-channel video projection entitled Variations on a Theme, along with works from Chicago-based artist Neleman’s ongoing light box series Homage to the Cube. Engaging art historical references, Nelemans looks to Josef Albers and Carlisle culls from Performing Space by Ilke De Vries and Barbara Kasten’s Constructs series.… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Hairy Rainbow

September 12, 2015

Upon entering Jeroen Neleman’s show This Lemon is not Yellow, there is a clear relationship made between the gallery setting and a minimal retail space. There is a tense calm that fills the gallery and the line between art and object becomes tangled as we move through the space. Jeroen’s light box displays reflect tablets and smart devices we regularly find ourselves interacting with.The are filled with cellophane, acrylic, and… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Wavepool

September 7, 2015

Wavepool – Has your practice always centered around the digital image?

Jeroen Nelemans – My art education started at the New England School of Photography in Boston. This two-year program, which was in 1999, was all analog photography. In the second year, a class was offered titled Photoshop 1.0. I remember that I didn’t know how to cope with all the new possibilities to alter an… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Adhoc

September 4, 2015

Jeroen Nelemans, born in the Netherlands, currently resides in Chicago. Nelemans is interested in the construct of a digital image. In order to access a new set of contemporary notions related to sight and seeing, he dissects the image as a physical entity.
Nelemans has shown at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, the DelaCruz Collection Contemporary Space in Miami, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, the Macedonian… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: "From Now" at Filter Space

May 8, 2015

May 8 – June 27 at Filter Space

From Now features work from April Friges, John Steck Jr., Eli Craven, and Jeroen Nelemans.

The four artists reuse existing photographic material to create artworks about how the meaning of pictures drift and change over time. Employing unique processes ranging from minor interventions to outright transformation, each artist meditates on how photographs seen “from now” often haunt and fascinate us… [more]

Inside the Artist’s Kitchen: Jeroen Nelemans

July 26, 2014

Inside the Artist’s Kitchen: Jeroen Nelemans || Q & A

Jeroen Nelemans, born in the Netherlands, currently resides in Chicago. He works with a variety of media, mostly video, and is interested in the relationship between perception, the landscape and the moving image. Nelemans has shown extensively, and is represented by The Mission Gallery.
Interviewed by: Kristina Daignault, Michael Soto, and Christopher Grieshaber

Home Interview[more]

Jeroen Nelemans in Fabrica Utopia, Andros Island, Greece

July 26, 2014

Guest curated by Festival Miden, Jeroen Nelemans will appear in a screening titled Fabrica Utoptia in Andros Island, Greece.

“Fabrica Utopia is an open, dynamic network of collaboration on performance arts, literature, poetry, science, philosophy and art in general – but most of all, everyday life. A challenge to inspire unconventional collaborations and research towards the creation of a new utopia. A challenge for unusual collaboration with poetry,… [more]

Susan Giles/Jeroen Nelemans: NewCity

July 2, 2014


In both Susan Giles and Jeroen Nelemans’ practices, video and sculptural works borrow content from tourism and art history as the basis for re-imagining the material representations of place. Susan Giles’ video “Pulling Out the Words,” 2011, is a series of interviews with five subjects about favorite landscapes in which all of their spoken descriptions have been cut. Landscapes are conveyed only through the speakers’ gestures, stutters and… [more]

THE MISSION at Aspect/Ratio: Susan Giles and Jeroen Nelemans

June 3, 2014

Aspect/Ratio is delighted to announce the continuation of Dis/placement, a two-part collaboration with THE MISSION. Aspect/Ratio presents the second installment of the exchange, an exhibition featuring work by Susan Giles and Jeroen Nelemans, two Chicago-based artists from THE MISSION’s roster. Organized by THE MISSION at Aspect/Ratio, the show opens Friday, June 6 and continues through Saturday, July 12, 2014.

In the second iteration of Dis/placement, THE MISSION couples single-channel… [more]

INSIDE \ WITHIN: Jeroen Nelemans: Deconstructing the Life Form of the Image

May 10, 2014

Jeroen's studio in the West Loop is tucked in the same space as ASPECT/RATIO, his husband's video art gallery. As a Dutch artist Jeroen is obsessed with light, using his work to pick apart its use in lasers, classic paintings and the digital image.

I\W: What is your fascination with cycles?

JN: My previous work had everything to do with cycles. I was working with these large-scale installation… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: NewCity

April 18, 2014


“SpotLight” casts a wide net to emphasize how light plays a varied role in several contemporary artists’ practices. This exhibition presents light as its subject while employing it as its medium to comment on art history, memory, the artistic process and transformation. At a time when technology and materials are overabundant, the goal of “SpotLight” is to use one of the simplest tools to speak to our contemporary… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans, SpotLight: The Huffington Post

January 24, 2014

The Elmhurst Art Museum has hit its stride with Staci Boris guiding the curation and programing. The current exhibition, Spotlight, hosts a number of Chicago artists for whom light is the content and the medium of their art.

I was particularly impressed with Monika Wulfers (above) and Jeroen Nelemans's elegant and humorous wall laserlight piece made from laser level elements. Paola Cabal, Dana Carter, Spencer Finch, Dana Major, Daniel… [more]

SpotLight: Jeroen Nelemans in a group exhibition at the Elmhurst Art Museum

January 17, 2014

SpotLight presents ten artists whose use of light amplifies a specific site and its history, a private experience of place, or a response to an
architectural space. The light-based sculptures, installations, and videos in SpotLight transform something ephemeral, commonplace or often overlooked into poetic statements about memory, perception, technology and the built environment. LED lights, laser levels, light boxes and neon tubes serve as sculptural material for some artists, others… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: Hyperallergic

December 18, 2013

CHICAGO — Thick snowflakes drift from the gray sky above, the energy-sapping inflatable Christmas decorations are in a constant state of blowing across front lawns citywide, and even my parents’ German Shepherd needs a sweater. It must be that time of year again, when the last of this season’s art exhibitions either close their doors or stick it out into January. I’m busy compiling listicles and lists for you, dear… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans at Festival Miden 2013

July 2, 2013

THE MISSION artist Jeroen Nelemans will be participating in Festival Miden, a Greek video arts festival taking place in July. In Search of the Miraculous and theLoop will both be featured in screenings during the festival.

From the Festival Miden website:
Festival Miden*, the first Greek video art festival presented in open public spaces, is an annual video art & new media cultural event held… [more]

Messing with Google Maps in the Suburbs- Hyperallergic

May 7, 2013

OAK PARK, Illinois — You’re driving to a suburb that you don’t know well, and you whip out your iPhone to quickly punch an address into Google Maps. In this case, that address is 704 Highland Avenue, home of Sabina Ott and John Paulett, who run Terrain Exhibitions, a once-a-month-ish, home-turned-cozy gallery experience. Every artist who shows work here must wrap it around the concept of the artist-writer couple’s home.[more]

NEWCITY: Review: Jeroen Nelemans/THE MISSION

February 11, 2013

Joseph Beuys once declared that Holland’s unique light had lost its radiance around the 1950s, thus ending a signature period of visual culture immortalized in the artworks of Vermeer and Rembrandt. It’s debatable whether Beuys’ comment was a sociopolitical allegory (Holland drastically modified its landscape at the time) or he seriously contended that a change in the chemical content of the Dutch atmosphere had adversely affected the quality of Dutch… [more]

VIDEO: Returning to the Cave at THE MISSION

February 7, 2013

Returning to the Cave is open until Saturday, February 23, 2012

Art Fag City: Opening Weekend, Chicago; What Happens When The Weather Cooperates

January 18, 2013

by Robin Dluzen

Last Thursday, the DePaul Art Museum unveiled its environmentally-conscious exhibition, “Climate of Uncertainty”, a glorious coincidence for the unseasonably warm opening gallery weekend in Chicago. At 56 degrees in the middle of January, global warming was responsible for two major components of Friday’s bustling openings: endless chattering about the temperature outside, and crowds that rivaled the masses of the September season openers.

“I had planned… [more]

Bad at Sports: Top 5 Weekend Picks!

January 10, 2013

1. Studio Audience (WEATHER PATTERNS) at Johalla Projects
Work by Andrew Mausert-Mooney.
Johalla Projects is located at 1821 W. Hubbard St. Reception Friday, 8-10pm.

2. Returning to the Cave at The Mission
Work by Jeroen Nelemans.
The Mission is located at 1431 W. Chicago Ave. Reception Friday, 6-9pm.

3. The Unreliable Narrator at threewalls
Work by Matthew Paul Jinks.
threewalls is located at 119 N. Peoria St. Reception… [more]

Huffington Post: First Exhibits of 2013 Open

January 10, 2013

Among the numerous excellent shows opening this weekend I saw several that were truly outstanding. At The Mission, Jeroen Nelemans, a somewhat recent transplant from Holland to Chicago, is presenting, fresh, intelligent, proud work. Working with historically Dutch content, like maps, tulip fields and Vermeer, he's reinterpreting his heritage, digitizing it, throwing in a little ambiguity, layering its meaning and delivering it. The colored neon tubes show us Dutch tulip… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans solo exhibition at THE MISSION-Chicago, IL

January 3, 2013

The Mission is pleased to present Returning to the Cave, an exhibition of recent works by Jeroen Nelemans. In his first solo exhibition at The Mission, Nelemans’ multidisciplinary work investigates the construct of an image, specifically how the digital image can be manipulated to contemporary notions of sight and seeing. Four new series involving light boxes, light fixtures and photography investigate the “lifespan” of an image, the origin of an… [more]

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Part 4

December 29, 2012

Continuing our series looking back at the highlights of 2012 and thinking ahead to some reasons to be cheerful in 2013, as chosen by frieze editors and contributors.

Jason Foumberg is a contributing culture critic at Chicago magazine, art editor and columnist at Newcity, and contributes art criticism to Photograph and Sculpture magazines.

Chicago picks of 2012 and ones to watch in 2013

Alberto Aguilar, Photo… [more]


January 17, 2012

Susan Giles’ site-specific sculpture of the unbuilt Calatrava tower, toppled over inside The Mission, is a model of something unrealized. Although it might refer to the economic crash that scuttled the plans for the building, Giles’ “Crumpled Spire,” deftly built of wood, rests gracefully in the space, echoing the shapes of the windows, lighting grids and setting off the tin ceiling. Downstairs in the basement project room is an alluring… [more]