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Larassa Kabel: Attach Files

March 12, 2017

THE MISSION is pleased to announce a group exhibition, featuring Larassa Kabel, at 50/50 Gallery in Kansas City, MO.

March 17- April 15, 2017
ATTACH FILES is rooted in the open call platform and functions as an institutional message for 50/50: that we remain committed to the open call platforms despite ending our billboard lease in December 2016. This commitment to open call opportunities has manifested two-fold for 50/50’s exhibitions; one, during the first exhibition of 2017, ATTACH FILES and two through 50/50's August exhibition which will, for the first time provide an opportunity for public proposals. Click here for more information on the August exhibition.

ATTACH FILES includes a printer in the gallery and allows visitors to print images from their phones on-site or through online participation facilitated by our staff. Interested parties may upload their image to be printed for the exhibition using the application form below. Installation of printed images will start in the upper left-hand corner of the first gallery wall that is immediately across from 50/50’s entrance. All images will be printed and installed in portrait 8.5x11” format and displayed salon style and in rows, moving vertically. To remain “democratic” there will be no selection and/or editing process for the images when being hung as all images will be installed chronologically from the time they are submitted. 50/50 will maintain a living and updated, digital exhibition list/floor plan. This will include all information submitted to our application form.

Open call opportunities are critical to 50/50’s mission. Institutionally, we are motivated to question and challenge democratic curatorial models. We question if the open call is inherently accessible and therefore, democratic? What is prohibitive within this process for audience participation, and how have institutions bread this inequity? Can institutional transparency limit, or propel democratic exhibition platforms? What is the role of the curator when their assumed agency is stripped, and the curatorial method is objective? How close can 50/50 come to striving for democratic methods of exhibiting through the open call? Is this even possible?

50/50 looks forward to exploring the conclusions to such questions through the outcomes of audience participation of ATTACH FILES. Thank you for choosing to participate in this call and for sharing your images. All printed works will be returned to the artists. We ask all local artists to join us to pick up works on Saturday, April 15th from 12-4 p.m., national artists will have works shipped to them after this date utilizing the address shared through the submission form.

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