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Jeroen Nelemans: EXPANDED

March 9, 2017

Gallery Weekend Chicago (GWC), in partnership with Mana Contemporary Chicago, presents EXPANDED, an exhibition showcasing 25 of Chicago’s leading established contemporary art galleries and emerging artist-run spaces. Occupying a 20,000-square-foot space on the 4th floor of the Mana building in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, EXPANDED brings together 25 galleries—all members of GWC—under one roof. Each gallery will present a solo exhibition, collectively reflecting the diverse and complex nature of Chicago’s art… [more]

Cole Pierce: Rejected Prototype

December 15, 2016

The MISSION is proud to announce Rejected Prototype a group exhibition featuring Cole Pierce at the Franklin in Chicago.

curated by EC Brown

EC Brown is a painter and exhibition organizer, who organized the Floor Length and Tux series with his wife Catie Olson from 2009–2015. He occasionally… [more]

Matt Magee: On Language and Marking Time

December 1, 2016

THE MISSION is delighted to announce On Language and Marking Time, a solo exhibition at Eagle Gallery EMG Arts in London featuring Matt Magee. The exhibition will be held December 1, 2016 - January 14, 2017.

Eagle Gallery EMH Arts
159 Farringdon Rd.
London, England

Michelle Prazak: Arte Geometrica

November 8, 2016

THE MISSION is proud to announce Arte Geometrica, a group exhibition at Universidad del Pacifico in Jesús María, Peru featuring Michelle Prazak. The exhibition will be held from November 8, 2016 - December 14, 2016.

Universidad del Pacifico
Av. Salaverry 2020
Jesús María 15072, Peru

Curtis Gannon: Engines of Anticipation

November 5, 2016

Hunter Gather Project
5320 Gulfton St., Suite 15
Houston, TX 77081

November 5 - December 3, 2016

Hunter Gather is pleased to announce the opening of Engines of Anticipation, a solo exhibition featuring a series of works by Houston-based artist Curtis Gannon, on Saturday, November 5th, 2016. Interested in the structure and imagery of American action comics, Gannon’s abstract collages, sculptures, and installations deconstruct the genre’s use… [more]

Susan Giles: Hyde Park Art Center

December 9, 2016

THE MISSION is pleased to announce, Not Just Another Pretty Face, a collaborative commissioned group exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center featuring Susan Giles. The exhibition will be held in Gallery 1, 2 and Cleve E. Carney Gallery from December 9, 2016 - February 5, 2017.

Jean Alexander Frater: New American Paintings

August 1, 2016

THE MISSION is delighted to announce Jean Alexander Frater's work will be featured in New American Paintings, Midwest Issue #125. The August - September 2016 issue was juried by Steven L. Bridges.

Jean Alexander Frater: My Feet Have Lost Memory of Softness

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THE MISSION is pleased to announce, My Feet Have Lost Memory of Softness, at The Franklin in Chicago. The group exhibition will feature Jean Alexander Frater, Rocío Azarloza, Ivana Brenner, Michael Rado and Matt Siber. Curated by Ionit Behar, the exhibition will run from October 22 - November 19, 2016.

My Feet Have Lost Memory of Softness
Curated by Ionit Behar
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 22,… [more]

Jeroen Nelemans: THE COLLECTION

November 2, 2016

THE MISSION is pleased to announce THE COLLECTION, a group exhibition featuring Jeroen Nelemans alongside Carlos Rolon/Dzine, Aimee Beubien, and Kate McQuillen. The exhibition will be curated by Anna Cerniglia and run from November 2, 2016 - February, 2017 at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago and The Village of Rosemont.

Anna Elise Johnson: Sapphire

October 7, 2016

THE MISSION is pleased to announce, Sapphire, a group exhibition featuring Anna Elise Johnson.

Sapphire is a group exhibition coinciding with the 2016 presidential election and leading up to the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Common Cause Illinois, our partnering non-profit organization for this exhibition, engages the public on such issues as voting and elections, money in politics, and the ethics of media and… [more]

Matt Magee: Memory and Reflection

October 3, 2016

THE MISSION is proud to announce that Matt Magee's 2016 site-specific mural for the Tucson Museum of Art. The mural, Memory and Reflection, will be on view from October 3, 2016 - February 3, 2017.

Matt Magee: The Re Institute

September 17, 2016

THE MISSION is delighted to announce, The Walk: Matt Magee, Guy Walker and Sandy Moore, a group exhibition by Matt Magee. The exhibition will be on view from August 17–October 29th, 2016 at The Re Institute in Millerton, NY. The opening reception will be September 17, 4–7pm.

Jeroen Nelemans: Relearning to See in ARTE AL LIMITE

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by Daleysi Moya

We could say the first defining event in Jeroen Nelemans’ work is having been born in Holland. Without being aware of it and in the same impulsive way in which we learn our native languages and cultures, Jeroen incorporated a certain local feel to understanding creation (a certain heritage) which makes up the fundamental basis of his interaction with art. So, it’s not strange that… [more]

Liz Ensz: Top V. Weekend Picks

July 19, 2016

1. Iron Ore Cannot Be Educated Into Gold
July 8, 2016, 6-8PM
Work by: Liz Ensz
The Mission: 1431 W. Chicago Avenue Chicago IL 60642

July 9, 2016, 5-8PM
Work by: Min Song
Carrie Secrist Gallery: 835 W Washington blvd, Chicago, IL 60607

3. Traces and Scenes – Homage to Akio Suzuki
July 8, 2016, 6-9PM
Work by: Edwin Lo[more]

Anna Elise Johnson: Enshrining the Iridescent Veneer of Respectability

April 23, 2016


German born and Los Angeles-based artist Anna Elise Johnson’s “Structural Adjustment” is a complex study in formal contrasts. Featuring eight pieces that emphasize the luminous and transparent qualities of color, resin and acrylic block, their material effervescence is belied by significant physical weight and impressive dimensions. Thoroughly sculptural, these works are nonetheless deeply rooted in two-dimensionality and the photographic imagery Johnson appropriates.

In “Red Regalia,” twin monoliths… [more]

Michelle Prazak: Geometria y Abstraccion

June 17, 2016


In the early twentieth century, Abstraction in Europe had become the alternative tradition in painting and sculpture as a response to the expansion of Realism. Wanting to represent the world in a mimetic manner was no longer a fundamental search in art and it was believed, rather, that art should build an autonomous visual language highlighting chromatic, formal and structural aspects.

By the middle of the… [more]

Austen Brown: The Seen

June 2, 2016

In a dimly lit gallery space of THE MISSION, Austen Brown’s MUDROOM (2016) features three television screens hoisted on black poles with looping videos. The videos review the process of shale procurement, an extraction of the mud-based sedimentary rock, and the industry’s aftermath in North Dakota’s Bakken region. The Bakken shale formation stretches from Montana through North Dakota to the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The exhibition traces this… [more]

2017 SUB-MISSION Applications Now Accepted

May 7, 2016

THE SUB-MISSION is delighted to announce that the call for 2017 exhibition proposals is now open. Applications will be accepted through August 20, 2016. All proposals should conform to the rules and guidelines found on THE SUB-MISSION page.

Proposals should be emailed to For further information, please reference THE SUB-MISSION webpage or send questions to

THE SUB-MISSION 2017 Selection Committee Announced

May 5, 2016

THE MISSION is pleased to announce THE SUB-MISSION 2017 Selection Committee. The Selection Committee represents a wide range of Chicago-based curators, artists, writers, critics and collectors who are invited by THE MISSION to lend their expertise in selecting the most thought-provoking, innovative proposals for THE SUB-MISSION.

Located below the main gallery, THE SUB-MISSION is an alternative installation project space dedicated to the development of artists living and working… [more]

Erica Bohm: Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Bogota

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Históricamente, la Antártida ha funcionado como un laboratorio para casi todas las disciplinas científicas. Sin embargo, de manera más reciente, esto mismo ha comenzado a ocurrir con diferentes disciplinas artísticas. Desde una perspectiva estética, la Antártida es el lugar ideal para el replanteo y la resignificación de nociones como el tiempo, el espacio y el sonido, en sus dimensiones física, ambiental y espiritual; y también, por qué no, para el… [more]